Thursday, March 17, 2011

Craving More Head.

A great burden has been lifted from my life's shoulders. What, you ask? I did not fill out an NCAA tournament bracket this year. No free one online, no five dollar pool at work ... not even a scribble on the blank one that the newspaper published on Monday.
Now, I am free. It's just basketball. Sadly, I think it would die a miserable death if greater America couldn't wager on it. Like the lottery, unsuspecting non-basketball fans live with this pre-conceived notion that they can turn five dollars into a hundred by writing the names of colleges that they couldn't find on a map in spaces that they couldn't have imagined three weeks ago. It's like the lure of the Siren's song. Never what it seems to be, but who among us can resist?
I can.
Not only can I resist, but I can revel in it, and therein lies the charm. I can watch the tournament and laugh that 13 seeds like Morehead State beat big time schools like Louisville. Most bracket-fillers could find Louisville if you spotted them Kentucky, and would be stumped to locate Morehead in its state - which is not Morehead, but Kentucky. Go figure.
So take that, Louisville!

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