Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another day's useless energy spent.

I spend a lot of time typing user names and passwords. I guess we all do. If you want to leave a comment, you have to type in a user name and password - so I guess I'm more a part of the problem than the solution.
Anyway, if we think about the amount of time we spend typing user names and passwords and substitute the usefulness of that time for a different activity, we might be more relaxed or sexually satisfied - or whatever it is that we would choose to do with those minutes otherwise spent logging in.
Sometimes it's useful. For things like bank accounts and buying concert tickets. Other times it's practically useless, like when I want to get a weather forecast. I thought I might want to check on Saturday's weather. I realize that's a major stretch, since they mostly can't tell us what tomorrow's weather will be, but sometimes I surprise myself with my optimism.
Besides, I'm spending a lot of money on some revisions to my bicycle, so it's in my best interests to be able to plan for the weekend. What it brought about, however, was confusion - which is where the uselessness of typing user names and passwords comes in.
Do I believe the little drawing or the text at the bottom? Too soon to tell. Perhaps that's how they claim their incredible accuracy? Tell us a lot of things so that one of them comes true. It's like you dopes who fill out ten NCAA tournament brackets and proclaim yourself a winner if you get one close to right.
I'll log-in again on Friday.

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