Monday, March 28, 2011

The magic of words.

The gang at IDT Energy sent a wonderful offer to my mailbox today - I guess. It's a little confusing because I took the time to read it. I'm supposed to qualify for some sort of rebate, but I don't know exactly how much money I can get back. I know it's something.

Is it $150 or is it more? And, if I can get "up to $150," then how can it be more? Isn't $150 the limit?

Of course, I won't get stuck with "sky high" utility bills. But how high is the sky? Can I have a sky high utility bill and more? Perhaps someone from their marketing department will leave a clarifying comment.

Sometimes I wonder if people think about things before they write them down or say them out loud.

I think about it.


junior alien said...

(chuckle, chuckle)
... at least somebody cares about langauage, and that somebody is you (out of 300 million or what).

Cliff Yankovich said...

I would put forth the thought that someone thought long and hard about the language in such ads. With their thoughts going along the lines of: How can we word this so that to maximize the appeal and still cover our collective asses.

But Iget what you are saying.