Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's for dinner?

I finally figred out
what I don't like about those store discount cards. It's the clique of the "store club" that reminds me of how good things came only to those who belonged. Such is the case at the grocery store.
Cashier: Do you have a [store] card?

Me: No. I'm only here because I have a gift card.

Cashier: Well, I can't give you the sale prices unless you have a card.

Me: OK.

There I was, in the checkout line. The gift card has been unused since Christmas. I decided to spend it on nonsense items - trash bags, bird seed, toilet paper and paper towels - items that are ultimately destroyed upon use. Somehow, I feel as though spending "free money" on things that will be used to be destroyed is a minor victory. Such is the state of my life.

I feed the birds. I know what you're saying, "Hey, feed yourself and f**k the birds." Well, then maybe you should help.

That giant mess to the left of the tree is a suet cake. Since the suet cake holder is a piece of science crossed with obscure architecture, I could not get it to fit inside, so I laid it on the ground for the bottom feeders. They need to eat too.

The feeder in the middle is a creation of my neighbor's son. It's a steel pole with a tray on the bottom, with some openings for the birds to peck at. Mostly, it clogs up and provides a giant tray for the squirrels - nature's scavengers. Rats with furry tails.

The one on the right is a "squirrel proof" feeder that I bought at a local pet store. The little lid on top is supposed to keep the rats away. I think it works, since I see birds on the perches. That's a plus, since it's a bird feeder.

The biggest problem is the price of bird seed. If I get lucky, I can find a bag that would fill my feeder for $2.50. Otherwise, it costs five bucks to fill a feeder. I'm not sure the birds appreciate the effort - but I'll never know.

Wait ... I see a Cardinal and three Robins. Money well spent.

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