Friday, February 18, 2011

What is ... this about?

I don't know.
So, there's that Newton robot thing that IBM put together to compete on Jeopardy. It won, so I hear, beating famous brainiac Ken Jennings and another guy. Jeopardy is such a fraud of a game show that it's difficult for me to get very excited about a robot made up by a huge corporation to compete on a game show that is just giving it a half hour of free advertising. It is supposed to represent artificial intelligence, but I think that Jeopardy represents artificial intelligence, so whatever the robot is doing is still a couple of steps below that as far as I'm concerned.
Meanwhile, I have this DVR thing on my cable that costs me 17 bucks a month. I finally figured out something useful to do with it. I record The Late Show with Craig Ferguson every night and watch it the next day, when normal humans are awake. He's a very funny fellow (even though he is from Scotland) and it's a nice way to end my day or night. Especially, since the biggest thing on TV now is a robot competing on a game show.
It's February, and it's not the same without Olympic curling.

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