Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Me, me, me. Look at me!

I can't listen to Aerosmith anymore. I bought their first album in 1974 and I think it's still one of the best records of the era - and ever, maybe - but now? Steven Tyler is a judge on American Idol, for Chrissakes. What has happened to the world? How can I listen to "Mama Kin" now without thinking of that stupid TV show? Overdose on drugs and fall of a stage, but don't sell-out to that garbage TV, Steven.
There's a new show on The Learning Channel tonight called My Strange Addiction. What's it about? Glad you asked. The first episode at 9:00 highlights a woman who has been eating couch cushions for 20 years. The second episode profiles a tanning addict who visits tanning beds up to three times a day and a 44-year old woman who has been eating household cleanser every day since she was 12. What am I supposed to be learning on this channel? I'll watch, but I may not be able to sit on my sofa or clean my sink again. This is the same channel that brings you the Duggars (and their 18 kids) Cake Boss and Police Women of Cincinnati. No wonder people call television a wasteland.
Then, there's that jackass Glenn Beck, who had this to say about my favorite city (and birthplace): The area around Independence Hall are "the killing streets" and said that the city is "not a place you want to be." True, Glenn. We don't want you here. The thing I can't figure out is how people like Beck have a listening audience, let alone grab attention for the crap that comes out of their mouths. To put yourself in Beck's place (egad) check out these photos and imagine the killing that must go on around here. I feel lucky to have escaped alive.
It's all part of the 24/7 media that requires non-stop attention. If you aren't whoring yourself to the Gods of marketing you aren't doing your job. The more outrageous or ridiculous you can make yourself look, the better you'll do in the all-important ratings system that defines popularity.
Sadly, there is no shortage of people who either need an income or have no self-respect that are willing and able to make asses of themselves in order to feed the beast. It's a bigger shame that Americans are more than willing to eat it.


Kcoz said...

Who watches Glenn Beck? I’ll tell you who, the religious right. I figure most of them to be a people who do not like to read or bother doing research, they wish to sit there and have someone explain things to them and are easily influenced.
“My preacher said so, so it must be true”, or “I seen it on TV so it must be true”.

Most TV shows these days are based on production costs, the cheapest shows to produce that someone will watch will override any kind of quality. It is extremely cheep to have a cameraman follow someone around and tape them than a full stage production, or subject matter that takes much time in research.
Ever see that show “Mantracker” ? It is on the science channel. The first thing I thought was how is this show related to science? The second was, how hard can it be to track from horseback two women that are city dwellers running through the woods in gym shoes, with a camera crew in tow?

Speaking of good entertainment, are you watching the football games this Sunday?
Who do you think will win?

Anthony said...

If I had to pick, I'd say it'll be the Packers vs. the Steelers in the Super Bowl.
But the way this season has gone, who knows? Worst case is a Bears/Jets game, in which case I'll need a good movie to watch.

"Reality" TV is driven by the low cost of 'talent' and production. They're interesting, I'll grant you that, but I still miss the old scripted sitcoms and dramas.

Kcoz said...

I'm thinking Steelers, Packers as well, but I have been wrong with most of my play-off picks so far. I never would have thought the Jets would have handled the Patriots so handily.

Being a Bear fan but also a realist I never expected them to beat Seattle, especially by such a high score. The Bears and Packers are 1& 1 against each other and the last game was a Bear loss by a mire 3 points. I expect this to be a good game on Sunday with the Packers prevailing...unless Hester has a good day and runs one back.