Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday night in America

Good news for pedophiles. Mainstream America is officially sanctioning under aged girls as objects of beauty, which can be translated as objects [period].
Under almost every one's radar (because it's almost irrelevant) a 17-year old was crowned Miss America last night. Not only did it occur in a big-time beauty pageant (and not one of those crazy "Little Miss Sunshine" kids' pageants) but it occurred on national television - the measuring stick for everything that is [quote] normal [unquote] in America.
Ironically (can you see the irony?) little Teresa Scanlan said that she "wants to stand up for integrity and honesty." OK, go ahead.
You didn't see it? Probably not, and you're excused without a doctor's note or death certificate. I didn't see it either, but like a tree falling in a forest, that doesn't mean it didn't happen.
The song, once sung yearly by Bert Parks, pronounces her to be "your ideal" as Miss America. I'm sure Bernie Wayne didn't have a high school girl in mind when he wrote the song about "her all-America face and form," but there she is.
Your ideal. I find it to be a little creepy, but maybe it's the pageant's way of making itself relevant, since being in the news is the best form of [free] advertising. Since nobody watches the program - or relatively nobody, as in 6.25 million people - maybe the best way to get that fringe audience to tune in is to put a kid in charge? Imagine how beautiful she'll be once her breasts stop growing.
She might be my ideal, but I'd be writing this from prison if I followed through on the impulse.

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Cliff Yankovich said...

No big surprise izzit? Shoot, she is old enough to drive...what else do you need. It was prolly done on purpose - if they get someone young enough, then maybe (I said MAYBE) she hasn't done some soft porn or taken her clothes off to audition for some movie or something.