Monday, April 26, 2010

It's casual day at the ballpark - every day.

Am I the only person who finds it curious that baseball is the only game where the coach/manager wears a uniform? Football: Hoodie. Hockey & Basketball: Suit. Soccer: ... I don't know, I don't watch soccer, but I bet they aren't wearing shorts and those goofy shirts. I'd like to see a baseball manager in a suit like Connie Mack used to wear, but I'm sure the Gods of Baseball would stop that in its tracks.
Baseball is also the only game that is stopped in the middle and not completed if they can't finish it. They should play in the rain like other sports. Even golfers play in the rain to a certain extent. Suck it up, Nancy-boys. I paid $45 for a ticket, $12 to park and $7.25 for a piss-warm draft beer - you can damned well play in the rain.
And speaking of baseball ... and I was ... this little ditty over on the YouTube should be taking the Internet by storm soon, so you can say you saw it here first. Just make sure you leave your teeth in while you're watching ... Look out, Shane!


susan said...

$7.25 for a beer? I shudder to think what a Coke costs. Or a hot dog.

I'll stick to the Thunder Games!

Anthony said...

Hot dogs were $3.50 last year. Probably $4 now. Coke (I think) is $5.

At the Blue Rocks games, parking is free, hot dogs are $2, beer is $5.75 and a program is $1.

Kcoz said...

We use to play softball in the rain when I was a was a blast!