Thursday, March 11, 2010

I really hate being right all the time.

Never doubt the power of my B.S. detector. As we read here on Tuesday, the so-called runaway Prius driver is a big lying sack of crap.
James Sikes, the San Diego runaway Toyota Prius driver, filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and now has over $700,000 in debt. According to one anonymous tipster, we're also told he hasn't been making payments on his Prius.
Sikes and his wife Patty found themselves, like many in the California real estate business, on the bursting side of the real estate bubble last year. The two declared bankruptcy in June of 2008 and have a combined liability of over $700,000 in debt.
Among the list of creditors holding secured claims is none other than Toyota Financial Services for a lease on a 2008 Toyota Prius with 7,200 miles on the odometer. Total value of the lease at the time of bankruptcy was $20,494.
According to this web site's research, Sikes has "a history of items in his possession being stolen and filing insurance claims."
You can listen to the 911 tape of the lying sack of crap. It's 24 minutes long, so grab a sandwich and enjoy the show.
What should have tipped you off is that the Prius isn't on the list of recalled Toyota's. They have a minor problem with the accelerator getting stuck under the floor mat, but Sykes said that wasn't the case. And who am I to doubt his word? That, and the number of so-called runaway Toyota stories that have come out since the recall announcement. Are we really that desperate for attention? I guess we are. I blame reality TV.
It's a strange world, folks.
Meanwhile ...
Thanks to Firestarter5 for giving me the heads up!


Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you. When I first heard the 911 call, I just knew it was a lie. He was too calm. I wouldn't even be able to call 911. Freaks!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anthony, I put James in the beginning of the last post. oops.