Wednesday, March 10, 2010


In spite of (or perhaps because of)plus-60 degree temperatures this week, one particular patch of month-old snow refuses to die. I'm looking to borrow a flame thrower so that I can go out and put this nonsense to an end once and for all. I don't think I would be convicted by any court in the country. Snow be tough.
My latest "toy" is a Samsung Impression. It's called a phone, but it's really something more. When it becomes available, I'm subscribing to MLB Gameday Audio so I can listen to games on my "phone" during the day (while I am at "work.")
Although I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse for not going full-bore and getting the iPhone, so far, the Impression has been a nice addition to my addiction to texting and goofing around. I can get to my Facebook page (ugh) Twitter and my e-mail, and if the MLB thing works like it is supposed to (does anything work like it's supposed to?) I'll be happy with this for a couple of years - until Apple comes out with the next generation of iPhone's and the hordes of whores who went for the iPhone start queuing up for the new one. I'll be behind the curve for a while.
Baseball season is a major life improvement around here. I have partial season tickets for the Phillies with a friend, and I go to Wilmington Blue Rocks games on Saturdays to watch the kids. You have to be a baseball fan to enjoy minor league ball, but it's competitive, cheap and entertaining. Plus, I get to sit in the third row, so I get to hear the "chatter" and I can yell encouraging comments to the Blue Rocks players, which I'm sure make a big difference in their development.
I'm such a baseball geek that I'm hurrying this post so that I can watch the Orioles play the Pirates on the MLB Network tonight. That's a strange thing for anyone, including an Orioles fan to be doing, but it's March and we're Jonesing for baseball. It's coming. Brad Bergesen is pitching tonight, and I won't bore you with the details of the importance of that particular event.
Baseball season is the cure for snow laying around on the lawn, cold dark nights and the incessant drone of wind and snow in the darkness of the cold night.
Even if you're an Orioles fan.


susan said...

I love the phone. I would love an iphone, but don't like the virtual keyboard. This one looks good.

There is a rumor Apple will have a new phone out this Fall, (ie: August/September/October).

I love baseball season too. I hope you don't mind if I root of the Yankees and go to Trenton Thunder games!

Anthony said...

It is certainly just a matter of time before another generation of phones comes around. My nice Impression will be antiquated in about a year, and I can live with that.

Apple's new phone (the jPhone?) will probably be 4G and the techno geeks will queue up at midnight to buy one and toss their old 3G piece of crap. They can toss it to me.

I've been to a few Thunder games, but it's actually further than going to Wilmington, so I've clung to the Blue Rocks.