Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow schmow.

The sounds of tires on wet roads and those strange white flakes falling from the sky can mean only one thing: The Storm has Arrived.
For those of us in the path of Satan's wrath, it will be a long weekend of shoveling, drinking and watching football. Two out of three ain't bad.
If the lines at the local liquor emporium tonight were any indication, I'd say that half the population of the area will be doing some drunken snow shoveling on Saturday afternoon. Certainly 100 percent of the population of this house anyway.
The news tomorrow morning will be filled with on-site reporters telling us how bad the conditions are and how we are supposed to "stay inside unless you absolutely have to be out" as though we routinely wander aimlessly when the weather is nice. Then will follow the promotional ads telling us how [insert news and weather source] told us that the storm would be as bad as it is. Somehow, they forget to tell us that they all get their information from the same source. Something called The National Weather Service. To hear them tell us, they make this stuff up on the fly.
Don't believe everything they tell you. Meanwhile, I'll be cooped up in here all weekend, so there will likely be more blog updates than either necessary or normal. Photos as needed.
Stay tuned.

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