Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Olympics and other things.

How do you practice the ski jump? A little at a time, I'm guessing. Start out with a 10 foot hill and move up to the big 300-footers? "OK, this one's gonna be a little bit bigger." Then, you just push him down.
Falling down a hill on skis wearing spandex. And that helmet? It's very colorful. It seems more like a test of nerve than a sport.
I'm watching the speed skaters. I always thought that if I could try anything in the winter Olympics, it would be speed skating. I'm way too frightened to ski or snowboard, I can't (won't) figure skate and I don't do hockey. I'd like to try speed skating, but I don't think I could wear sunglasses like some of them. Why do they wear sunglasses?
What color is Bob Costas' hair?
On a brighter note, our Phillies season tickets came in the mail today. Unlike the groundhog, it means that there is only 8 more weeks of winter, then the ballparks open up and the cracks of the bats begin. April 5 will find my ass in Washington, D.C. (our nation's capital) watching the Phils and Nationals battling in the first game of the season. It will surely be cold and dreary - but there is baseball, and that warms the soul. Haiku alert...
now there is baseball.
the equalizer of time.
and that warms the soul.
I upgraded my cell phone today. The thing I can't figure out about the cell phones is why they are so expensive. Some of them are $400. I went with the Samsung Impression and an unlimited data and messaging plan which means that, if I have your cell phone number, I will be bothering you with needless text messages at all hours of the day (and night) regardless of your plan. That's part of the fun of an unlimited data and messaging plan.
I chose the Impression because it has the best screen image of all the texting phones, and I got tired of not being able to see the screen of my crappy Pantech Slate when I was outside during the day. But you don't really care about that.
Now, for something completely different...


susan said...

Brilliant epi of Family Guy.

Nice cell phone.

Very nice Haiku.

Here's mine-well, it needs work.

Anthony is
The reincarnation
of Terry Cashman
Even though he doesn't like the Yankees.

Two haikus in one week- you are on a roll!!!!

Anthony said...

I was up late last night giggling at it.

Terry Cashman, wow. Willie, Mickey and the Duke.

susan said...


I had many good summers as a child at Veteran's stadium, you know, and even saw Willie play there.

Haven't been to the new stadium yet, but it's sad to see all the old stadiums go buh-bye, Veteran's, Yankees, Shea, .....now I know how my dad felt about the Polo fields.....

オテモヤン said...


Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Yeah, that's one of my favorite Family Guy episodes too. I can't STAND Bob Costas.

If I could do one Winter Sport it would be snow boarding half pipe. I also like the snow board cross.