Saturday, January 23, 2010

Addicted to fun.

Tiger Woods is in sex rehab. He's in some sort of facility that is supposed to "cure" him of his alleged addiction to sex. It's interesting on many levels, not the least of which is that one can say he is addicted to sex and get a pass on all that junk he did in the name of medical science or psychiatry.
We gleefully sell drugs to give men a longer lasting erection to the point that we put the ads on when kids are watching TV, then have the nerve to call sex an addiction.
The other thing that is interesting about Tiger's stint in the joint is that while he is in there he is to be celibate. No activity of any kind, with himself or others, while he is undergoing his treatment. I find it fascinating that we choose to treat one extreme condition with another. How does that teach moderation? I wonder what the recidivist rate is at this place?
He is supposed to emerge a new man, free of all his womanizing ways. I suppose he'll come out with some "one day at a time" line or whatever drug addicts say when they've cleaned up. Is Tiger supposed to feel guilty every time he has sex? When alcoholics are treated they can't have even one drink for fear of going back to their old ways. Isn't this the same thing?
Usually, drug addicts or alcoholics turn to God and become pious preachers, proclaiming that God has transformed their life and that they have dedicated their lives to spreading the Word.
It's trading one habit for another, and I think most of us have some habit or other that we habitually do. I've been exercising and lifting weights for over 25 years. If I go two days without it, I feel bad and I have to find a way to make sure that I get back as soon as I can. Am I addicted to it? Maybe I should go to rehab.
No, it's only the bad things that we seek treatment for. Or the things that people tell us are bad.
tiger woods likes sex.
it's fascinating, really.
doesn't everyone?


susan said...

Don't stop lifting weights.

Most people should enjoy sex, some don't some do...

My cat didn't when she had the equipment, but that is because boy cats have umm.... well, we won't go into male cat anatomy lessons..... but if male humans had what male cats had , female humans wouldn't like sex either. Maybe that is what they are doing to Tiger, eh?

And frankly, long periods of celibacy always made me very very creative.

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