Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lucky for US...

... the Koreans weren't involved in the Solheim Cup. All the Americans had to do was beat the Europeans. If they had to beat that bunch from South Korea and Japan, God only knows what would have happened. So, teary-eyed sentiment was followed by the grim realization that made-up sporting events, while fun, are just that ... made up. Make the Solheim Cup a true Worldwide event and you'll be saying something.
Nevertheless, it was a gut check by Paula Creamer, Juli Inkster, Stanford, Wie and the rest to get out of Illinois with that big glass trophy. Nice going ladies. My jingoistic figurative hat is off to you.
Meanwhile, the Phils managed to end a game in a way that had only been done once in 82 years. An unassisted triple play. Future "where is he now" candidate Eric Bruntlett caught a line drive off the bat of Mets' outfielder Jeff Francouer, stepped on second and tagged the runner coming from first to complete the trifecta. That's why you don't start runners with a 3-2 count and nobody out.
On Monday, I'll be getting one of the rare percs of my job. I'll be in a luxury suite at the Mets new dump, Citi Field watching Cliff Lee mow down the hapless Metropolitans. I'll have to contain myself, since my hosts are Mets fans.
If I'm not here on Tuesday, you'll know what happened.

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Love to hear the 411 on the new stadium.

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