Saturday, August 22, 2009

Us versus the World.

In the ultimate in Golf meets Jingoism, the Solheim Cup is going on in the Chicago suburbs. At the end of two days, it's All Square, as they say, with the United States and Europe tied at 8 points each going into Sunday's play.
It's a little hard to follow sometimes, but the first two days consist of something they call 4-ball; where two players on each team play and the best ball is the score. Then, there's alternate ball, where two players from each team alternate shots. It all sounds like fun to do, but on the TV it's hard to follow.
Since I've been semi-laid up with a foot infection over the past two days, (long story) I've been tuned into most, if not all of the action so far. It remains to be seen if I can sustain sitting around long enough to stay tuned for Sunday's action. As it is, Saturday's play ran from 9 am until almost 9 pm EST. I guess you could say I'm a fan.
I'm hoping to be healed by Monday, when a friend and I are making a field trip to the Mets new dump in Queens to see them lose to the Phillies. This is the first time I've been able to "hook somebody up" as a result of some workplace connection, so it's pretty cool. Cliff Lee will be pitching for the Phils.
OK, so since you have to know, the foot deal is an ancillary effect of the poison ivy I was exposed to a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, the drug store junk was ineffective, and some legions got infected, and now I have a minor case of cellulitis, e.g. a fat foot. I got a cream and some pills that should alleviate the fatfootitis.
Hopefully I can get it cleared up before Obama's health care reform kicks in.

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