Sunday, September 21, 2008

Save the cheerleader - save the world.

Some (most) of you don't appreciate the significance of Monday night. That's why I'm here.
My entertainment habits are broken down into two categories - fact and fiction that is so unbelievable that it's capable of being true.
That's why I was so drawn into Heroes.
I missed out on the first season, and didn't get into it until midway through the second season.
A friend at work loaned me the DVDs of first season of the show, and I watched all 16 hours in less than two weeks. That's how drawn-in I was over the story of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities.
A few weeks ago I bought the second season. I finished watching it tonight, just in time for Monday's 3-hour third season premiere.
For those of you who don't know anything about the show or would like to - Monday's premiere will be an hour of catch-up followed by a two hour episode. I'm guessing that the catch-up hour will be enough for the uninitiated to become fans.
The writers' strike fell in the middle of the second season and screwed up the show to the point that they abandoned the story and waited over a year to start the third season. Fans of the show (me) are looking forward to the re-start to the point that we are arranging our schedules around 8pm Monday night.
I generally don't watch anything except comedies and fact-based television. There is something about this show that drew me in from the beginning, enough to make me watch 16 hours of DVDs in less than two weeks and buy the second season in anticipation of the third.
It's a complicated show. There are a lot of characters, and it's hard to keep track of them. Sometimes they disappear for a week, only to reappear.
It beats the Hell out of dancing, "reality shows", talent shows, game shows and the usual nonsense that television has been spoon-feeding us over the last couple of years. Complexity has its place. If you've heard about the show and think maybe you might find it interesting, tune in Monday at 8pm (Eastern time) and see what all the fuss is about.


kimmyk said...

i haven't watched tv since the season finale of lost.

i'm watching dancing with the stars tonight only because i want to see this seasons dancers one time.

Anthony said...

Aaarrggh! [holding fingers in the sign of a cross]

Dancing shows. Let me know if Cloris Leachman breaks her hip.

kimmyk said...

LOL Anthony!
She's who I wanted to see!! I heard she's like 82 years old now and the oldest one to dance. It's almost like wanting to see whatsherface's leg fall off last season. Although, I didn't watch it, I sort of hoped to hear about it in the news. LOL! I know...I'm hateful!
I can't help it.

Enjoy your evening!

Firestarter5 said...

Hayden the cheerleader is damn near perfect visually.