Friday, September 26, 2008

Lactation Nation

"ya know how they have great names for their ice cream? wonder what they would call theirs?"
- Kimmyk asking what Ben & Jerry's would call breast milk ice cream

Mamma Jamma.
Dreamy Creamy.

Share My Diseasescream.

Leave a comment. I'm open to suggestions, and I'm sure the Ben & Jerry's people are too.

I'm getting scads of page hits over the Cornfield Palin post yesterday. Go figure. Tens of people have Google searched "Cornfield Palin" and wandered over here. I wish I could have thought of a joke to accompany the photo and story. Maybe Sarah is the joke?
I tried to think of what an artist's medium would be for a Cindy McCain portrait. Ice sculpture? Driftwood? Maybe a Ben & Jerry's ice cream box ... Ice Queen Cream. Leave a comment.
The first debate was tonight. I watched most of it with my friend from Ohio. Mostly, it was one guy telling the other guy that he is wrong about what he said and one guy telling the other guy that he is mistaken about what he said and when he said it. I'm not sure the debates solve a lot of issues over which candidate a voter is voting for. If it were me, I would use humor and try to be folksy because in the end, people want a president that they think is just like them. In fact, none of them have ever been like us, although we think that they are.
Who among us doesn't think that we are smarter than George W. Bush? It could be a game show. "Who's Smarter Than the 43rd President?" Tonight on Fox.
Me is.

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Kate Michele said...

me is too.

debating issues is a waste of time really. i get the biggest kick out of listening to all the 'next president' is going to do. lets look back and see what was all done according to what was said will be done during election time....hmmmmm?? still looking? yeah me too....


oh and it was a pleasure ;)