Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's almost a good idea.

After the marketing success of Microsoft's Sync in Ford cars, Chrysler is adding WiFi access and wireless data to their automobiles, in addition to the back-seat TV.

What a great idea!
Now, you don’t have to use your cell phone to send e-mail – you can do it directly from the Internet. How are they going to restrict WiFi to the back seat? As far as I know, WiFi isn’t restricted to a 3-square foot area. I think that’s what the “Wi” part is.
There is a competition between auto makers and government. The auto makers want to make these little rolling houses with every modern convenience known to man while the government doesn’t want us driving around with every modern convenience known to man. They want us to wear seat belts and stop using our cell phones. The auto makers would rather have us in reclining seats with both hands and feet busy while watching the road with one eye and the GPS navigation device with the other. In your spare time, you could steer and apply the brake.
Just leave room on your passenger seat for your laptop computer.

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