Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday. Completely non-offensive.

It's over. The annual exhibition game that is designed to make us misty-eyed over baseball's past and present. This year, it was designed to make us misty-eyed over that and the fact that they're tearing down an American icon - Yankee Stadium.
I've never been much of a Yankees fan. In fact, I sort of enjoy it when they lose because it makes them angry because they think they're supposed to win.
Since the team can't be counted on to win, the owner figured that the next best thing is a building that will consistently win. [That way, you don't have to count on the team] They're tearing down Yankee Stadium and putting up another one right next door, only this one will have expensive luxury boxes and seats behind home plate that will cost more than some people earn in a week. That's a winner, and I'm not the least bit misty-eyed about it.
Television however, is in the business of making us think that something is more important than it really is, which is where Yankee Stadium comes in.
Meanwhile, baseball leaves home field advantage in their championship series open to whoever wins this exhibition game? You're kidding, right? Basketball and hockey have no issue with going with the team with the best record, so why not baseball?
And as for Brett Favre - shut up already. We endured your so-called retirement for a week while we watched your tear-stained press conferences. Now, we're subjected to another week plus of your nonsense.
Fuck you, Brett. Oh, sorry ... I promised to be non-offensive.

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