Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just so you know how cool I am.

“Sexy and casual, the perfect pair of jeans,” was the e-mail title. Yes, I’m hip and smart because I get e-mail from Abercrombie & Fitch. Do I shop there? Hell no. The ad says, "Low slung for the perfect fit." Really?

What I found interesting about the ad is the new trend toward the ass crack. Women have started showing it and now I suppose it’s the men’s turn. I’m not sure we always want to see crack, and I don’t think we’re trustworthy enough or comfortable in our self-assessment to know whether or not we should be showing crack.

The guys in the ad don’t seem to have a problem with it, but they’re professional models who are paid not to eat too much and spend their days grooming and lifting weights. I don’t know any models. Most of the people I know wouldn’t benefit from a pair of pants that don’t get pulled all the way up.

I see guys wearing those pants and they always look like they’re going to fall off. The thing to do is to wear your boxers on the outside, or so I see. It’s an odd look and makes me think they got dressed in the dark or something.

I’m 50 and I wouldn’t dare wear them. I wouldn’t have worn them when I was 20 either, and I could have pulled off the look. I guess I’m just not sexy and casual enough.

What I really think is going on is that they’ve figured out how to charge us more for jeans that use less fabric (and cost less to make) while marketing it as “perfect.”

Flawed is cool.


Kate Michele said...

crack is whack

kimmyk said...

i do not want to see anyone's butt crack. i dont even wanna see my own crack.

two days ago i bought adam jeans for school from hollister and some shorts and both of them are lower in the front like they dip down in the front and i'm not real sure why that is. i think it's that illusion of the hip bones that everyone thinks is so sexy maybe? i dont know. either way, i made him wear his belt because i dont want no one lookin at my sixteen year old son thinkin' thats sexy.

get off my kid you bitches!

Anonymous said...

Oberfuhrer und Finch?

or perhaps...

Fourth Reich Fashions?

junior alien said...

Supposedly cool, ey? At 42, I'd be too vain to wear them.

I find the phenomenon of "fashion" very interesting: it makes most people lose their sense of self-perception. No matter how disgusting a certain fashion style looks on MOST people, they are willing to believe it makes them look sexy because they are told so - by the advertising industry of course. Whereas it's the other way round: Very few people are sexy enough to wear clothes that show your ass crack, for example.
Sometimes when I see young women walking in the streets showing with on apparent shame their naked, wobbly pot bellies, it makes ME crack! Why isn't there anyone to tell them how revolting they look?

Answer: It's not revolting. It's the fashion.