Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Find the short fat guys and tell them we have pants!

I had to do something today that I haven't done in a while - buy a pair of dress pants.
I have a wedding to attend on Saturday. It's the wedding for the guy we took to New York and Philly two weeks ago.
I went to a lot of weddings when I was younger. As we age, we find ourselves attending more funerals than weddings. And since I've had the same job for the past 15 years, and don't get out much, I haven't had an opportunity to trot out the sport coat in quite some time. Like most of my clothes, it still fits. I'm kind of proud of that.
Whenever I shop for pants, I'm surprised at the availability of the 40W 30L pants on the rack. There was literally one pair of Calvin Klein black dress pants in my size, which is significantly different than 40 x 30. Lucky for me they fit and they were less than fifty bucks.
No outfit is complete without a nice necktie. Most of mine have cartoon characters on them, so I felt it might be necessary to find one that wouldn't attract a lot of kids. Polish the outfit off with a nice new shirt and it's a deal. Now all I need to do is figure out what I'm giving as a gift. I figure I can't go wrong with cash. I know I liked counting the checks when I got married, and I can't imagine it's changed much in 17 years.
The local mall was a near ghost town at 5pm tonight. I suppose it's the result of that recession I keep hearing about. Meanwhile, there's a Target and Lowe's store going up a couple of miles from the Kohl's and Home Depot that have been there for 3 years. There's another vacant lot nearby with a sign telling us that "Coming Soon" are new retail stores. Somebody with an entrepreneurial spirit is opening two new water parks in Mt. Laurel, about ten miles from my home.
I'm imagining a lot of sleepless nights for the people putting up the money for these projects. I'm guessing they were planned and approved before the economy totally went in the shithouse, but still, I've never figured out why people are so anxious to open another store selling the same stuff I can get two miles away for virtually the same price.
I remember reading a Walgreen's annual report that said their surveys said people wanted a drug store within 2 miles from their home. I have four. If I took that many drugs, I'd forget where the stores were.
Which makes it particularly comforting to come home and let the cat wander in the garden. He's a beautiful boy.


kimmyk said...

i absolutely hate getting all dressed up. worse yet, i hate buying clothes for such functions. i try not to attend such functions. gets me in trouble at times....i'm just not a dress up sort of girl. shoot me.

now, let me think. i have 2 pharmacies within 2 miles from me....good odds. no wait. 3. i have 3 pharmacies. yeah 3.

kitty looks pretty in the garden. pretty pretty kitty.

Anthony said...

If it was totally up to me, I'd arrive in ripped jeans and a henley, but society frowns on such displays, so I'll join in for a day.

It probably won't kill me.

Laura said...

what a nice picture!

kimmyk said...

torn jeans and a henley? what's on your feet anthony? let me guess..flipflops? ha! that outfit rocks! good call.

Anthony said...

Sneakers. I can't stand that flapping noise that comes from those dopey flip-flops. I think I complained about it on the blog once.
clearly, I'm running out of ideas!

Kate Michele said...

so what size pant are you?? ::smile::

Ok i like your choice of what to show up in much better, though a man all dressed up is nice to see every now and then. Do we get pictures of this event?