Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday stuff.

My friends at the bike shop are in the midst of a full-scale remodeling project. The place is a mess, but the Guatemalans (I hope they're legals) are working at a feverish pace and it looks like it could be done in less than a month - just in time for the snow to melt.
Meanwhile, I'm working as hard as ever to get ready for the cycling season. In the past, I've done spinning to get prepped for riding, but I've found that spinning is not necessarily the best training for cycling. Strange, but true.
I'm doing abs, glutes and circuit training to try to strengthen the parts that are along for the ride, so to speak. Only one day of spin, and that's followed by ab work, so it's not a total loss!
I'm not very good at all this jumping and running stuff. I've spent most of my life avoiding running and working fast, but these classes are quick and every exercise we do is done for 25 reps. 25 repititions of anything is tough. Try holding an 8-pound weight between your feet and raising and lowering them 25 times in a minute. It's a sweaty mess.
I'm ready for the end of winter. Up until a few days ago it looked like it was coming, but we got pelted with a nice little snow and ice storm and now we're back in the freezer. The sad part is, I've got a brand new bike sitting downstairs in my storage area waiting for the thaw.
Baseball and cycling. C'mon spring - winter sucks.


Sparky Duck said...

personally I do not want to picture your abs and glutes

Anthony said...

I don't like picturing them either, which is why I'm working so hard! :)

Kate Michele said...

OMG Anthony I'm so ready for spring too. I cant take these winters must be a sign i'm getting old. :D