Thursday, June 22, 2006

Your Sick Minds

Yes, you - Katie! That "thing" on the Germany babe's cup (the one she's holding, not the one that is holding our attention) is a drawing of the World Cup. So, I find that my readers are indeed the ones with the sick minds, and I am merely the "enabler" when it comes to the sickness. Check the photo above and compare to the cup with the babe. Take all the time you need.
God bless your sick little minds.


Kate Michele said...

Ok well this picture looks better!! I'm still stickin to my original thoughts though on the cartoon version of it on the cup!!

Me sick?? See you're not alone!! I's calls em as I's see em!!

Anthony said...

I'm havin' some fun wit ya! I wasn't sure, either. I did take the effort to post a link to your blog!

Get your mind out of the cartoons!

Kate Michele said...

Hehehe!! Thanks for the "shout out" to my blog man!!

I'm trying!!

kimmyk said...

So now you're an enabler is that it?

But I gotta say....that babe down there is way hotter than the smut chicks I'm use to seein' on someone else's blog. Good choice.