Sunday, June 18, 2006

Over a Barrel

Oil and Gas Company Executives Defend High Pump Prices As Essential to Maintaining Supplies
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Americans paying $3 per gallon at the pump have it relatively cheap when compared with prices globally, say oil and gas company executives who defend their record profits as essential to maintaining supplies. In parts of Europe and elsewhere in the West, gasoline prices are more like $5 per gallon to $7 per gallon, said the chairman of ConocoPhillips Co., James J. Mulva. Mulva and two other executives who appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" said they are optimistic about keeping a lid on domestic prices, unless their fears come true about the potential for damage to U.S. energy production from the hurricane season that began June 1. "I do understand why consumers are concerned. The thing that concerns all of us, I think, is that we're heading into hurricane season again," said the chairman of Chevron Corp., David J. O'Reilly.
Excuse me ... uh ... Mulva - are you the dad of Jerry's girlfriend whose name he couldn't remember? What a coincidence that I also commonly refer to the big oil companies by the names of female body parts.
Nothing galls me more than that tired old argument that tells us we are "lucky" to be where we are, and not somewhere else. It's irrelevant, because we are not in Europe, we are in the United States. Historically, prices in Europe have been higher, so the argument doesn't hold water - or oil.
As we know by now, consumers don't stand a chance against big business, whether it's oil or anything else. And yes, we are concerned about hurricane seaon - but isn't there a hurricane season every year? Why is it only the past couple of years that we have been concerned about it? I'm guessing that the 'Meet the Press' host didn't follow up that comment with a question.
They do understand that we are concerned, but there is a big difference between understanding and caring, and we know they don't care. The lid's off the hurricane season, folks, so keep driving those giant house-sized land cruisers and get ready to dig deep for another gallon. Here's an idea: Let's petition the National Weather Service to change the way they name hurricanes. Since we are supposed to be 'concerned', why not use appropriate names for storms that will affect people outside of the storm track? Here's my partial list. Feel free to add your own.
A - Anadarko
B - British Petroleum
C - Chevron
D - Dick Cheney
E - Exxon
F - just put your favorite "F" word in front of an oil company name
G - Gulf (although you could substitute "George W. Bush")
H - Halliburton
...well, you get it. And soon, we're all going to get it.


Kate Michele said...

LOL... Great post buddy!! Love the sarcasm!!! And whole heartedly agree with everything you said....

Isn't the average worker's wage also higher in Europe and taxes lower?? So basically its a wash...And we shouldn't feel "lucky" that it's ONLY 3$ a gallon.

And what do we do? If we try and have the Government put a cap on it. we might just see the gas strike of the 70's all over again!! They have us screwed, the oil company's KNOW we need gas to get places like work, so we'll pay it as opposed to not having it at all!! AND because public transportion isn't around, unless you live in a big city... and let's face it most of America does not..... So the higher the gas the more expensive EVERYTHING is, it effects the whole economy!! Very flustrating.

MyRiseAbove said...

I remember that show where Jerry couldn't remember the name of his girl friend. I can't imagine you watching a show about nothing. But hey, I guess we all have things about us that people don't know about.

Carmen said...

Interesting how the price of gas at the stations rises quickly (3 price increases in a day) but when it comes to the price going down, they take their own sweet time. They think we're stupid. Maybe we are, cuz we're paying $3 for gas. Sigh.

Pam said...

I - Illegal spying

J - Jack Abramoff

K - Karl Rove

L - Libby (as in Scooter)

M - Money

N - Neocon

O - Oligarchy

Hey this is kind of fun!

Pam said...

Just thought of a better one for M - Mobile. O could also be Oil. Oh the possibilities!