Sunday, June 4, 2006

Whose God is it, Anyway?

WASHINGTON - Is Tuesday's date 6-6-6 merely a curious number or could it mean our number is up? Something about the number 666 brings out the worry, the hope and even the humor in people, said the Rev. Felix Just, a professor of theology at the University of San Francisco. A Jesuit priest, Just has taught both apocalyptic theory and mathematics and maintains a "666-Numbers of the Beast" Web site that contains history, theology, math and precisely 66 one-line jokes about 666.
Oy. So, what happened on the original occurance of this date, June 6, 0006, and the subsequent one on June 6, 1006 to cause theologians and other people of a confused mindset to think that something was going to happen on Tuesday?
They're just numbers on a calendar that we made up and doesn't necessarily coorespond to calendars in other parts of the world. So what makes us think that our calendar is the one on which God deems to act? Are we that pompous as Americans to think that God singles us out for special treatment? Apparently we are. He's our God, after all.
On behalf of the United States of America, to whom I pledge allegiance, I apologize.


MyRiseAbove said...

Yep. Nothing will happen. Nothing profound anyway. I'm sure there will be a crap load of stories on the net about the coincidental events that occured on this evil, evil day though. lol

Kate Michele said...

Evil is the devil so as I see it God won;t want to be associated with that... and its to easy. Everyone is expecting something to happen... I like to think God would preferrer to spice it up and make more of an my thoughts on it!!