Saturday, June 3, 2006

Civilization Finishes Second

The time-period premiere of "Gameshow Marathon," 5.8 rating /10 share, put CBS on top at 8 p.m. ABC was second with the live (tape-delayed out West) final rounds of the National Spelling Bee, scoring a 5.0/9 for the hour. A repeat of "So You Think You Can Dance" was third for FOX at 3.8/7. Two episodes of "The Office" averaged 3.4/6 for NBC. A "Smallville" repeat on The WB topped UPN's "Everybody Hates Chris" and "Love, Inc."
It was close, but the Bee was second. Still, 9% of the sets in use were being used watching it (approximately 5.5 million viewers), while the precious American Idol usually gets around 25% and 17 million viewers. So, any ideas Simon had of asking contestants to spell the titles of the songs they're singing went right out the window.
Thursday's top 4 shows represented 32% of the sets in use. What are the other 68% watching? Judging from all the chatter, you would have thought that more people were watching the spelling thing. I hate to question the accuracy of the sainted Nielsen people, but ya gotta wonder.


Kate Michele said...

I think they hyped things up and tell ya its the "number one" show to try and get people to watch, thus then making it the "number one" show!!

Pam said...

When I was a kid our family was a Neilsen family for a short time. We had all kinds of friends asking us to report watching their favorite shows b/c they didn't want them to be canceled. I think my parents also did not write down things that they thought would be embarassing to admit watching.

Until Neilsen figures out a way to track people's tivos, I don't put much stock in what they find.