Sunday, May 28, 2006

One Nutty Sherpa

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - The head of the Nepal Mountaineering Association urged the government Saturday to take action against a sherpa who reportedly stripped on top of Mount Everest. The Himalayan Times had reported Friday that the Nepali climbing guide, whose name it gave as Lakpa Tharke, stood naked for three minutes in freezing conditions on the 29,035-foot summit of the world's highest peak.
So, I guess that would make 2 peaks? I don't know if the photo (above) illustrates anything or not, although I would imagine that, in freezing temperatures there would be considerable shrinkage.
And to think I was such a huge fan of Lakpa on that Taxi show. Fallen on hard times, I guess. Or maybe not, depending on your view.


Kate Michele said...

If he climbed all the way up Mt Everst and then wanted to stand naked in frezzing temps.... I feel they should just let him!! He desearves to for accomplishing that climb!! lol

MyRiseAbove said...

I agree kate,

It's not like he was exposing himself to the world. I'm sure he thought it was just him and whoever was with him. If I had it set in my mind to strip on the top of that mountain, I'd think it would be hard too see from the public eye from that far up there. So who were the perverts that were watching? I would be pissed at the person who told on me. 'Just let me have one moment of exhilerating freedom', (if thats what it is to me) It's not hurting anyone!