Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More Money Than Brains

News Item:
London's most expensive sandwich, nick-named 'The MacDonald Sandwich', is seen at Selfridges in London April 10, 2006. The sandwich, which is on sale for 85 pounds ($148), contains ingredients of Wagyu beef, fresh lobe foie gras, black truffle mayonnaise, brie de meaux, rocket, red pepper and mustard confit and English plum tomatoes.
Someone in England is willing to pay 148 US dollars for a sandwich with ingredients that I can't even pronounce. I'm afraid we've lost our way, folks. When I think about all the things that $148 will buy, a sandwich comes at the end, with maybe the last eight dollars - probably less, but it sure doesn't eat up the whole wad. Hmmmm ... I haven't used the phrase "eat up the whole wad" in a while. But I digress.
I have to admit that I don't know what lobe foie gras is, but I'm not ashamed. Yesterday, for lunch, I had a veggie wrap, and I could name every vegatable in it, including the tomato wrap and the pepper jack cheese. I'd feel like a real schmuck if I paid more than $6 for it, and it might even have tasted better than that ridiculous garbage-pile-between-two-slices-of-bread. Something tells me that if I gave this "MacDonald" thing to one of my homeless friends in Philadelphia, he'd give it back, because they don't care a whit about Wagyu beef either. There's something charming about that. The 3 dollar sandwich from Burger King means more to them than this pretentious pile, because it satisfies their basic need - hunger.
I guess (to get deeply philosophical on your ass) that the appeal of the MacDonald sandwich lies in the attitude that encourages people to buy Hummers, huge homes and expensive wine. They buy them because they can. Otherwise, the cheaper car still gets you to work, the smaller home still holds your stuff and the cheaper wine still gets you drunk. They buy the expensive stuff because it makes them feel like they're better than me, but I know better.
It doesn't impress me, because I know that the person in the big home, driving his expensive car to buy the fancy wine could still be an asshole.


Mandi said...

From the look on the guys face in the picture...he KNOWS he selling stuff no one can pronounce and will eat no matter how bad it tastes just because it costs more than a family of 4 spends for a weeks worth of groceries.

Hows that for a run-on sentence?

Anthony said...

It's an AWESOME run-on sentence!

But also true, so there are points awarded for accuracy.
Thanks for reading.

Carmen said...

I think, less than the people that MAKE the sandwich, the people that BUY the sandwich should be flogged.

By the way, the Easter Bunny brought you a present. Now, don't kill the messenger (think of all the sad boys and girls) but he tagged you on my blog. (instructions there)