Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ebay Abuse

News Item:
It was a last-minute project for Linda Bargas and her children in Pueblo. Bargas bought one of the last Easter egg dye kits at the store.
Bargas said, "We were getting ready to go to the Easter Vigil. I had egg all over me. Just dyed the egg, and it was dripping. And the kids were like, we're going to be late, we're going to be late, so I took the egg and I blew on it. And when I blew on it, I see the image. Oh my gosh kids, look what happened."
What appeared on that egg eight years ago to Bargas and all of her friends and family is the image of the face of Jesus Christ. Bargas stopped short of calling it a miracle, "I think it just happened, and it's something beautiful to look at."
The egg is still hard-boiled, and it doesn't carry any odor. Bargas plans to sell it on eBay. "It's lasted in my house for eight years. Will I miss it? Probably a little bit. But it's time for it to go."
I've had it with this "Jesus/Virgin Mary in the [insert thing]" nonsense. The worst part is, that slices of toast and screwed-up Easter eggs are put on sale, and presumably, people are bidding. I'm skeptical.
So far, the bids are at $14,999, but everyone who has bid on it has a "0" Ebay feedback score, and one has changed their member name. So, I decided to send a challenging e-mail to the seller, glaeser2006:
Pretty cool. You've managed to scam the media and get some of your friends to bid up the price hoping that one genuine bidder will fall for your nonsense. Good luck to your project. How do you know what Jesus looks like? I think your egg looks like Jay Leno.
The response I got answered none of my questions:
Please understand that this is being sold as a piece of art and in no way presented as a religious miracle, nor to capitalize in Jesus name or image. As a piece of art, the eye is in the beholder.
We will see, in 6 days whether any real person has ponied up the money for this so-called piece of art. It's a piece, all right.
And, glaeser2006, if that is your real name, the eye may be in the beholder, as you claim, and the egg may carry no odor, as the news story said - but this surely stinks.


~Jennifer said...

It's a pretty egg, but I don't see Jesus, and I don't think I'd pay $3.00 for it let alone $15,000.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. :)

Anthony said...

I just checked, and now the bids have been taken down and it's back to $5,000 again. What a scam.
Ebay should take it down.

Mandi said...

So i shouldnt have bid on that? You mean its NOT a religious relic?? Oh i wont have enough money for my Elvis commemorative plates.

Anthony said...

Well, mandi ... Some things we just have to make a sacrifice for. Elvis plates may be just that.
Sadly, the egg is listed as a "religious relic" on Ebay. I think the Elvis plates are more of a religion than that thing.

kimmyk said...

i see something, but my house my daughter would eat it. she wouldnt care that it's old...or smelly...she would just know it's a hard boiled egg and grab the salt.

they sell everything on eBay..and someone always buys it. Crazy ass people I swear.