Sunday, April 9, 2006

The Money Grab

On Tuesday, we are being subjected to yet another money grab by the entertainment industry.
The re-packaged versions of the Beatles albums that were originally released in the United States are being re-released on CD. That's right.
Never mind that the albums have already been released, albeit in their British forms - that is to say, their intended forms - and I suspect that anyone who wants them has already bought them.
But the good folks at Capitol Records have seen fit to suck some more money out of erstwhile Beatles fans with another set of CDs. Capitol ripped us off back in the 60s when they re-packaged the original Beatles albums for sale in the U.S. Old habits die hard, and this one has more lives than Freddy Kruger. Here we go again!
But wait! these are DIGITALLY REMASTERED - LIMITED EDITION - PRESENTED IN MONO & STEREO. Mono? What year is this? Do I want to regress back to the glorious days of mono? I have a CD player in my car, an MP3 player and a portable CD player, and they're giving me mono! Wow, what more could I want?
And, as we now know, several of these tracks ARE AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME ON CD! Woo-hoo, $55.98 for "In the Tyrol", one of the incidential instrumental tracks from the Help soundtrack. Who wants to be the first in line for that gem?
My only hope in all this artist-raping-the-public scam is that Michael Jackson no longer owns the rights to the songs. What percentage of the profits from the sales of this junk is going to his pedophile amusement park?
Finance it if you want, but as for me, if I want mono, I'll listen to my old LPs. And if the kids want mono, they can go to Jacko's ranch.


Mandi said...

Holy smokes! Im glad i didnt have a mouth full of coffee when i read the last line!!!

Anthony said...

Thanks, Mandi. That's precisely the reaction I was going for!