Monday, April 17, 2006

Is Barry Bonds on Steroids? You Decide.

Compare his 1987 Topps rookie card [left] with this recent photo as a San Francisco Giant [below].

Incredible Before and After pictures tell the real story.


Mandi said...

OMG! We can always count on you to be UN pc Anthony!! HAHAHAHA!

Did you make that in photo shop?

You know...i get accused of not being politically correct all the time. get the crown :)

Anthony said...

Can't take credit for making that one. It was e-mailed to me today and I embellished with the "after" photo and text.

I couldn't let such artistic humor be relegated to an individual e-mail.

I will wear the crown proudly - after all, it's My Sick Mind, right?
Thanks for reading.