Sunday, April 16, 2006

Good Advice

Things that say they're "collectible" usually are not.

Never buy coins from a television shopping channel.

Liquor before beer - never fear. Beer before liquor - never sicker.

Light a candle and curse the dark, if it makes you feel better.

Never make a life-altering decision because you think other people believe it is the right thing to do. Do it only if you believe it is best.

Signal before changing lanes, not after you already have two wheels in the next lane.

Take a day off from work and spend the whole day with your dog and/or cat. You and your pet will feel better.

Turn off your cell phone.

Go to your nearest big city and buy a meal for a person living on the street. Don't give the money to some big charity, they'll screw it up. Instead, give it directly to the person you want to help.

Enjoy some peace and quiet. This one works in tandem with turning off the phone.

Go outside, walk someplace and walk back. Leave the phone at home.

Send someone a greeting card for no particular reason. Get a blank one and write a note inside. Stop letting Hallmark do your feeling for you.

Think about a problem you have, figure out the answer and execute the solution.

Before you go out in public, buy (and use) a mirror.

Think about the giant vehicle that you want, and imagine how practical it will be.

If you own a giant vehicle, stop complaining about the high price of gasoline.

Evaluate what you want versus what you need. If you consume only what you need, you may find that you don't want for so much. And I'm not just talking about food.

Stop referring to yourself as some Nationality - slash - American. Italian-American, Irish-American ... You're an American, and chances are you've never been to whatever country you profess to be related to - so stop it.

Get off your ass and get some exercise.

Eat vegetables.

Don't be politically correct because people want you to be. Speak your mind, you'll feel better for being honest.


Karen said...

hi. came here from Carmen- I love your 'giant vechicle remark' it's really one of my pet peeves!

Anthony said...

And since I've always had small cars (even when gas was a piddly 60 cents a gallon) I can do without them blocking my view of the road.

They were marketed as being safer than regular cars, because the precious "Babies on Board" could not be handled properly any other way. But now, I think the safety issue has come and gone, and their owners are stuck with rolling buildings and $3 gasoline.