Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Too Much Technology

OK, so that is the commercial for the Galaxy watch-thingy.  The first thing that strikes me about it is that its predecessors are all fictional devices that had no place in actual life.  There is a reason for that.  We never had the technology.  Now that we do, that doesn't give us an excuse to have another device that interrupts our daily lives to inform us of something coming in from the outside.
Seriously, are people willing to pay for this junk?
The second thing is that I can't imagine why anyone would want a device on their wrist that tells them that something in their pocket needs attention.  Isn't that the ultimate in redundancy?  Why would anyone pay for a device that tells them something that they already paid for?  The answer, I guess, is that it's possible.  We can invent devices that tell us what we already know.
Something I would pay for is a device that re-routes my calls to a person on the other end who says, "Anthony is not interested in taking your call."  Where is that device?  Instead, we get things that further interrupt our day.  And, this is progress?
What's next?  A device planted in our ear to let us know that the device on our wrist is buzzing to alert us of something going on in our pocket?  Are our lives so devoid of distractions that we need another one?
Bravo to you, Samsung, for inventing a device to let me know what is going on in the device I already own - but I think if it started buzzing, my first inclination would be to flush it down the toilet.  Would my cellular device be able to track it on its way to the local sewage plant?
That, I would pay for.

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