Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good and Good for You?

It's fortunate for me that I like foods that are supposed to be good for me.  Low-fat, low-calorie, sugar-free ... all the stuff that marketing people and doctors tell us we are supposed to eat.

Almost every day for lunch I eat a Veggie Sub, which I affectionately call a Condiment Sandwich.  Instead of lettuce, I use spinach, because it's supposed to be good for me. Besides, with all the peppers and onions on the thing, I can barely taste it anyway.

I eat high-fiber whole grain cereal with almond milk every day, oatmeal, yogurt, and I take enough Omega 3 fish oils to sprout gills.

I wander through the supermarket looking for things that I can eat and feel good about eating.  I have been drinking the Zico Chocolate Coconut Water for a while.  It's water from coconuts that has chocolate flavoring.  Can there be a more perfect beverage?  I submit that there cannot.  Today I found a couple of new things.

I had an ice cream craving.  I usually go for Ben and Jerry's or some chocolate peanut butter flavor, but today I saw Coconut Milk ice cream, with the added benefit of being both soy and dairy free.  Lo and behold, its first ingredient is organic coconut milk.  It tastes pretty good, and I no longer have a craving for ice cream, so it works on that level too.

The other new thing is something called Kona Deep "100% Deep Sea Mineral Water from 3,000'."  It says it comes from "pristine glaciers off the coast of Greenland that sank deep into the ocean thousands of years ago" from something called the "Global Conveyor Belt."  Ironically, I put it on the supermarket's conveyor belt when I purchased it.

It's full of electrolytes and nutrients, so I have that going for me - which is nice.  I have to admit to being skeptical of water coming from 3,000 feet below the sea, and I wonder if it isn't just purified water with added nutrients to make it the same as deep sea water.  I have the same doubts about the coconut water.  I guess I can no more imagine going to that extent for water or cracking open enough coconuts to get thousands of bottles of water.  I only hope that the coconut water people are hooked-up with the ice cream people so that they aren't throwing coconuts in the trash.  That would seem to defeat the purpose.

The reason I'm skeptical is that the chocolate water was $2.49.  The coconut milk ice cream was $5.99.  The Kona water was a paltry 64 cents, which would seem like a relative bargain, all things considered.  Nevertheless, normal ice cream is cheaper and regular water is free.  If this stuff isn't what I think it is, I'm wasting my money.

So, I'm either a sucker or I'm doing something good for myself.  Or both.


susan said...

I'm willing to try these, but where do I purchase? My local Stop and Shop?

Anthony said...

They all came from my local supermarket. Shop Rite in South Jersey. I'd suspect you can find them at progressive stores. The Zico is distributed by Coca Cola, so that shouldn't be difficult to find. The others might take some work.