Monday, December 6, 2010

Not bad for a guy with 160 career home runs.

"You got to stay young, keep yourself young. And she helps me to that."
- Pete Rose, talking about his girlfriend
This hot little number is Kiana Kim. Who is Kiana Kim, you might ask? She is a former flight attendant from South Korea who moved to America with her parents when she was 5. She currently operates a hair salon in Los Angeles and appeared in Playboy magazine in April.
Kiana Kim is also Pete Rose's girlfriend. That's right, Pete Rose. The All-Time Hit King. (Also the All-Time Out King) The 17-time all star and convicted tax evader.
The Pete Rose who was born before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The Pete Rose who has 2 daughters older than his girlfriend.
The Pete Rose who ... ah, you get it.
Anyway, the point is the strange attraction of this 20-something hottie to a troll. At his best, Pete was short and stocky. Now, he makes short and stocky look like Larry Bird.
It's what Colonel Potter on M*A*S*H used to call "one of those dome scratchers." Some would say it's a money deal, but I don't think Pete is swimming in cash these days. You can't go the Hero Worship angle, because Kiana isn't old enough to remember Astro Turf.
And she isn't your ordinary 20-something either. She could have latched onto any wealthy guy with twin chins, but she chose Charlie Hustle.
I'm not a hater - just wondering. I think that whatever two people do in the privacy of their oxygen tent is their own business. I can't tell somebody how much money to spend on Viagra, and I can't expect women to understand how to change adult diapers - but there they are, together forever.
Or until her calendar takes off and she drops him like a Garry Maddox fly ball in the '78 LCS.
I'm giving you the steal sign, Pete.

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