Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here we go again.

The local news is leading with it. The weather forecasters have woodies in their pants, they're so excited. Local supermarkets are jammed with people stocking up on things that they'll probably never eat.
Why? There is snow on the way.
There is so much snow that the NFL has decided to postpone the Eagles game until Tuesday. My standard answer as to why things like that happen is always either money or television. In this case, it's television. The NFL doesn't want the game to compete with its popular Monday Night Football franchise, so they put the game off until Tuesday. Never mind that the Eagles are fighting for a division title and will have a very short week to face the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon. Television rules.
Philadelphia Mayor Nutter has declared a State of Emergency, even though, at 2:00pm, there is about a half inch of snow on the ground. We trust the weather guessers too much sometimes. One figures that in this case, they are correct, but it still remains to be seen. As for me, I've declared my own State of Emergency, and stopped in one of our satellite offices earlier today and picked up enough work so that I can remain busy in the comfort of my home while the rest of the area shovels and drives around like crazy in what we expect to be over a foot of snow.
I'll have the TV tuned to the local news, who will have several reporters in various areas to show us how bad it is, as if we couldn't look out the window and form our own opinion. Meanwhile, they'll tell us "if you don't have to be out, stay home," as though people will aimlessly drive around in the snow for no reason. I'd guess that the TV news people are among those who do not need to be out, but there they are.
They live for this stuff. Me - not so much.

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Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Nice (sarcasm). This lady on MSNBC said that it's a "Snowpocolypse" and a disaster.

Thankfully, the meteorologist, being interviewed reminded her that a true, "disaster" in meteorological terms would be the Christmas tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people.

The "journalists" are more often than not glorified reality t.v. "stars."