Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here she comes again.

She has been lurking around, griping and yelling about things she doesn't understand, giving speeches and getting her face on TV. Now, she's invading our homes (well, maybe your home) on a weekly basis with the latest in a seemingly endless stream of so-called reality shows.
Sarah Palin.
The TV show is called "Sarah Palin's Alaska," and it features her and her clan of cave bears and illigitimate children hunting, fishing, boating and doing all those things that Alaskans are famous for. It's all designed to show what a "real person" Palin is, and how back-woodsy and interesting she is. That is, it's designed to make us forget what she is really like.
As if that wasn't enough (and it isn't) she has written another book (which no doubt, outnumbers the ones she has read) that is coming out on November 23. This one is called "America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag" where she manages to get all 4 key catch words into one book title. Maybe she wanted to call it "Stuff I Think" but someone at Harper talked her out of it? She makes sure to put her face on the cover, which is her only redeeming characteristic.
She's hot - for a politician. Put her in your office building and she'll blend in like a soda machine. If she worked in my office building, people would complain about "that voice" and how they could hear her coming before they could see her. I'd also guess that she wears a lot of perfume. That's just a guess. Women like her enjoy smelling like women like her. You'd get that twitchy nose and hear that voice off in the distance: "Oh yeah, you betcha. I told ya he'd be like that. Ya know, it's a pra-blem." Do the voice in your head.
So, go ahead and watch the TV show and read the book. It's all about marketing now. She's priming herself for a run at the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, and all this stuff is nicely timed out. The books, TV shows and all the exposure. We'll be so sick of looking at her that she'll seem as though she has more experience than she really does - which is almost zero.
The bigger problem (pra-blem) is that the Republicans don't have much to offer that is better than Mama Grizzly. Mike Huckabee? Rick Santorum? Please. I can only hope that some dark horse steps up to claim the leadership role so that we don't have to even think about electing Palin.
Prepare yourself. The onslaught is starting. TV, books and media. The only thing left to assault our senses is if AirWick comes out with a line of room air fresheners that will make your whole house smell like Sarah's.
I'd guess her place reeks of pine.


Cliff Yankovich said...

As much as she turned me OFF I read her first book (my mom sent it to me). I believe the phrase Much Ado About Nothing works.
She is working the system for sure. She lost me when she quit her job - all her blah-blah aside, what kind of person quits her job like that? It became glaringly obvious at that point she was chasing the cash.
Good news - I just read a poll where even Tea Patry members are not sold on Palin - they split 48% to 48% on whether or not they would vote her in as prez. Whew!
Another tidbit which should indicate a lot about her is the fact that her effort to put a tea party guy in place in Alaska's senate seat has not done well (it ain't over yet, I know, but the lady is ahead with WRITE INs!).
If Alaskans don't do what Sarah says that gives me hope.

Cliff Yankovich said...

Personally I want to move to Sarah's Alaska - where using the word "retard" is a hate crime while calling someone a "faggot" still flies.