Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's just a little baggie.

LOS ANGELES – Three executives at a stuffed toy manufacturer were arrested Friday on suspicion of laundering millions of dollars for Mexican and Colombian drug traffickers, authorities said.
The arrests followed a two-year, multi-agency probe into the Angel Toy Corp., located in a downtown warehouse.
"It's no small irony that a multimillion-dollar company which promoted itself as retailer of cuddly stuffed animals was allegedly acting as a financial linchpin for drug trafficking operatives," said John Morton, director for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Two co-owners of the business, Meichun Cheng Huang, 57, and Ling Yu, 52, were arrested, along with chief executive officer Xiaoxin Ju, 48.
Is there any other use for these 1-inch square baggies than this? I mean, seriously. Somewhere there is a little baggie factory (probably in China) turning out these tiny things. There's even an adorable little plastic strip to seal it up nice and air tight, away from harmful air or flame.
I wonder if they're called "Pocket Sized" or something? They probably come in boxes of 10,000 and use ten times as much packaging to distribute than the weight of the actual product.
I guess the fact that a portion of the company's revenue comes from the distribution of illegal drugs shouldn't bother anybody, right? After all, they fill a need, and who's to say what people are doing with those big bags, besides packing sandwiches.
It's all in the name of marketing, and who cares how they earn a profit? You have a perfect right to make your own 1-inch square plastic bags or buy them from someone else, so don't blame the company for the way people use products. We humans find several alternate uses for ordinary products. We're resourceful that way. "Hey, look what else you can do with these things!" We're the Louis Pasteur's of deviant behavior.
I'm sure there are any number of fruits that get jammed up people's rectums, baby products used for masturbation and an entire sub-culture devoted to whipped cream, so there is no accounting for ones purpose in purchasing an item. They are all perfectly legitimate products that we see fit to humiliate in a sexual way.
Maybe people put actual spices in them to take to cook-off's and backpacking? Maybe the 4-H club uses them to package seeds? There were no seeds in mine, so I'm just spit balling ideas here.
Anyway, if you have an interesting use for 1-inch square plastic bags, pass it along and I'll share it with the group. We're all about widening horizons around here.


Bobbye (aka "Babs") said...

I just received a piece of jewelry purchased on ebay in one. :)

Kcoz said...

When I built my puter all the screws for the case were in one of those baggies.