Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Night at the Ballpark.

These are, in no particular order, a group of photos I took before and during the Phillies/Nationals game at Citizen's Bank Ballpark on Wednesday night. After an early struggle, the Phillies won 14-7, which left a few minutes for wandering.
A look from the concourse of the 300 level during the game - including the disembodied right foot walking past. Fans gathered inside a ballpark pub (for some reason) during the game.

It's the bottom of the fifth and the Phillies were in a bit of trouble. The fans were sitting on their hands until the locals broke it open with 4 runs in the seventh.

They call it the High & Inside Pub, which I suppose is a play on words. It's inside, you bet. But I wonder why someone would pay for a ticket to get into the game and spend their evening in a bar watching the game on TV. People are strange.

Looking down from the 300 level onto the concourse and Pattison Avenue.

The long stairways down from the upper levels to the street. It's much less crowded when the Phils are winning 14-7 in the seventh inning.
The luxury boxes enclosed in glass separate the haves (below) from the have-not's (above). A stairway (left) mingles them.

The Spectrum is still here, in spite of several "last" concerts, shows and games. I'm willing to start on it myself with a hammer, one brick at a time.

Pattison Avenue after dark. The Spectrum is lit up (for some reason) in the distance. Who is paying the electric bill?

A look down Citizen's Bank Way (I think that's what it's called) toward Lincoln Financial Field, where the Eagles play their version of football.

The field view from the left field fair pole about an hour before game time.

It's baseball season - finally. And neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night ... ah, whatever. It's baseball season!
The Phillies are 7-1, and off to their best start in 17 years, but fans around here always fear the worst, and we're bracing ourselves for failure. This team, however, seems immune to our past. Sooner or later we will learn to appreciate them. Probably sooner than later.


susan said...

It looks lovely. But I cannot help but feel nostalgic for the old Veterans' stadium of my youth, and how marvelous that stadium was. This one doesn't seem, there is something missing I cannot put my finger on it.

Anthony said...

What's missing? The smell of fresh urine, rats, plastic grass and the feeling of being encased in concrete.

susan said...

I guess it seemed different when you look at it and remember it through the eyes of a child. It was magical then, sitting next to either my mom or dad, with a Philly hat on my head, and watching either mom or dad write things in the score book. It seemed magical. The new stadium and the new stadiums that are being built seem soul-less to me. Maybe because they lack the magic of the stadiums of my childhood. Who knows?

me said...

great pix!!! nice memories... thanks dude

Jessica said...

Ah how I long for an open air stadium. I keep saying if they build it they will come.

Did you capture a spirit on film?