Saturday, April 17, 2010

I just don't know about you people sometimes...

This sounds like a nice story ... until you read it:
Just as the latest Powerball jackpot rolled over to $212 million, a New Jersey woman has claimed the March 13 jackpot, whose annuity prize also was $212 million.
Sandra McNeil's ticket had the cash option, though, so she'll get $101.6 million, before taxes, according to New Jersey Lottery spokesman Dominick DeMarco.
"I give God all the glory for this blessing that He has given to me," she said, according to a statement released by the New Jersey Lottery. "He has seen and knows the highs and lows of my life, and knows the good I have done, and the good I hope I can continue to accomplish in His name."
The ego on these people! Their belief in this mystical spirit extends to the idea that he (pardon me, He) sees them as somehow different than millions of others and somehow deserving of a special monetary award. The mind is powerful enough to convince us of almost anything, I suppose.
The next time (and it won't take long) you hear someone "thank the Lord" for some bountiful enhancement, ask yourself why that individual was singled out among the millions and given some special award - or better yet - why they believe they were singled out.
If indeed we are His servants, would He want one of us to be seen as more deserving of a gift than another? Answer: no, He would not. But day after day, we hear people thanking "God" for something and saying that "all the glory" goes to Him. That's nice, except you got the glory. God is a spectator. Get off your platform and think for a minute.
You have (allegedly) spent your life praising and worshiping a Deity, and his reward to you isn't only eternal life, but a giant jackpot as well. That's nice. I think they conveniently leave that out of the pamphlet they hand out to new recruits. If they talked about it, I suppose there would be millions more who would sign up, so maybe it's a selling point they should consider?
And he said to them: Take heed and beware of all covetousness: for a man's life does not consist in the abundance of things which he possesses.
Luke 12:15


susan said...

Oh gah, I want to say something, I really really want to say something...... I really really really want to say something........

All I can think of is G-d must really hate me because the few times I have paid the Powerball, I've lost. I;m on a fixed income. I would be happy if I won 100, or even 50, so I could take my mom and dad out to a nice restaurant and have a nice meal and leave a tip. Maybe I didn't pray hard enough? Maybe I am the wrong faith? Or maybe G-d really likes dogs not cats and therefore won't give me any money?

At least he likes me enough I don't have to pay any taxes on lottery money. That's something!~

You and Thor have a nice/mice weekend

Jan said...

Oh Anthony, these blogs are priceless! Please keep them coming, as I always enjoy reading them!

Just Call Me Ed said...

Man,,you are so sick !!
I'll be back ;)

Firestarter5 said...

My cat has been diagnosed with Feline Immune Deficiency, or Cat AIDS. Thanks God.

susan said...

Mr. Firestarters- Seriously?

Is your cat OK?

Firestarter5 said...

Oh yes. The Vets called us yesterday after taking a blood test from him. It's the human equivalent to human Aids. It can only be passed between cats. If he gets some type of infection he may not respond like a normal cat would, so we just have to keep our eyes on him. Other than that, he's a normal kitty. The Vets office has 6 cats that just roam around, and one of them has the same condition, and they figure he's over 10 years old.

La La Loggins said...

I like your sick mind. Reminds me of my sick mind. You blog about sports, welcome controversey and have a strong voice. I may not agree with certain things you say, but they are delivered in a way that I find both entertaining and amusing. I wish more people had your sick mind- Imagine if our nightly news was delivered by an anchor like you... It would be f'n awsome.