Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's like buying 64 lottery tickets.

It's March, and you know what that means. That's right, woodchuck chuckers, it's March Madness! Since you've probably already filled out a "bracket," I can go ahead and give you my Final Four picks and you can't blame me if you have the same teams.
By the way, why do they call it the "Final Four" when there are still three games left to play? I don't know sometimes. The other thing I get sick of hearing is the word bracket. Check your bracket. How's your bracket? It hasn't even started yet and I'm already tired of hearing it.
Anyway, it's Kentucky, Baylor, Syracuse and Kansas; with Kentucky and Kansas meeting in the final and the Jayhawks winning the thing. I'm also picking Cornell to beat Temple in the first round and Richmond to beat Villanova in the second round, so you know I'm clueless. But I feel like I can tell you, since I spent ten bucks on a pool at work. Chances are, some other clueless person will win. Somebody who picked based on whose mascot could beat the other in a fight or where they would like to go on vacation - in which case my Final Four picks don't stand a chance in Hell - or Syracuse.
It's a nice fill-in between the snow shoveling and the baseball season. The championship game is the same night as the Phillies opener against the Nationals in Washington. I'll be there, but the baseball game should be over in plenty of time for me to tune in the basketball, even with the travel time to D.C.
We bought tickets on Stubhub, the official ticket scalper ... er ... re-seller of Major League baseball. $150 for a club level seat, which may be worth the bucks since April weather is a major crapshoot - much like my NCAA bracket pool. A real gift would be that I win back the money I spent on the tickets, but I think we all know the possibility of that happening.
I've never been to Nationals Park (why would I go?) nor have I ever been to an opening day Phillies game outside of Philadelphia.
I've also never won an NCAA basketball pool.

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