Friday, January 15, 2010

Be careful in what you believe.

If there was ever a doubt as to the pre-conceived nature of that American Idol program, one need look no further than the latest Internet sensation, General Larry Platt. Somehow (we are supposed to believe) he was allowed through the audition process even though the "rules" prohibit anyone over the age of 28 from being a part of the program. Then he goes and does some ridiculous pantson the ground rant/song and it's the "latest thing."
OK, I get it, you're starved for attention, and since William Hung isn't available, you'll make the most of it by promoting an old guy dancing around. That's TV. Gee, how did he ever get through he screeners? We're so easily entertained.
Big earthquake in Haiti. It's all over the news. And as a result, there are hundreds of charitable organizations who are willing to lend a hand, or so we think. Be careful where you throw your money, folks. Remember the Katrina thing in New Orleans and how a lot of that money found its way into the hands of people who just wanted a big screen TV or a new refrigerator. This isn't any different. Make sure your money is going where it's supposed to go, if you are willing to give it.