Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another cryptic blog post.

For times that pass my life
I’ll search for the sky
that she wanders by.
"Somewhere" - Chris Cornell (Soundgarden)
Do you ever look around, as I do, at couples and wonder, "How did that happen?" when you see a particularly worthless individual with a worthful one?
I always saw it as marketing. One individual convincing another that their goods and services were worth more than another's, like those TV ads that ask stupid questions:
"But wait, there's more! We'll also include a bonus gift at no extra charge! Now what would you pay?"
"It's a thirty dollar value, yours for only eighteen-ninety five - plus twelve dollars shipping and handling."
And they fall for it.
I suppose it's similar to the old cartoon of the kid with a lemonade stand. His price for a glass of lemonade is fifty dollars. A potential customer queries the kid about his price, and the kid replies, "Well, I only have to sell one."
If you sell yourself to enough women with fantasies and lies, you only have to hook up with one in order to declare yourself a success. Unless, of course, you want to look yourself in the mirror in the cold light of day - which some see as an option and not a necessity.
I think that's where the sales aspect comes in. Salespeople only see the sale and the inherent profit that comes with it. There is a sales aspect to dating that allows some to fall prey to great salesmen while others feel as though they can pass on a good deal because the salesman wasn't persuasive enough.
When I was an accounting student, my professors told me that one of the worst things that a business could have was unsold inventory.
There is a lot of good stuff in inventory.

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