Thursday, October 29, 2009

When celebrities rule the world.

Weeks after an Australian variety show made headlines around the world after a group of white performers donned blackface to perform as the Jackson brothers, Tyra Banks is making headlines herself for turning her latest "America's Next Top Model" candidates bi-racial for a photo shoot.
During Wednesday night's "ANTM" episode on The CW, Tyra took the remaining six young women of Cycle 13 to Hawaii, where she took pictures of the models after they were transformed into different races.
At some point, I stopped myself and wondered why I was reading that story and thinking that I was so much better off as a human that America's Next Top Model didn't matter to me either as a concept or a television show. It goes back to the American Idol philosophy that says we don't have a shortage of singers ... or models, so one wonders how a TV program is produced that manufactures either. Moreover, I think that donning blackface to perform as the Jackson Brothers qualifies as overkill.
But then, I took solace in the fact that celebrities are going to rule the world ...
CARACAS, Venezuela - President Hugo Chavez said he met privately with actor Sean Penn on Wednesday, and that the Oscar-winning celebrity may film a movie in Venezuela.
Chavez added that he discussed politics with Penn, who said he would soon see U.S. President Barack Obama. Chavez said he'd asked Penn to tell Obama he should take action to earn his Nobel Peace Prize, and should scrap a plan for the U.S. military to increase its presence at bases in Colombia.
Oh great. Sean Penn (a.k.a. Jeff Spicoli) is discussing politics with world leaders. How did that happen? Where is the United Nations while all this actor-mediated diplomacy is going on? Meanwhile, Madonna is making her own promises...
MPHANDULA, Malawi – Madonna has promised electricity to a village in Malawi, the impoverished southern African country where she runs a charity organization and from which she has adopted two children. Speaking in Mphandula, some 30 miles from Malawi's capital, Lilongwe, the singer said Thursday: "I know you work in darkness. I will bring you electricity."
Wow. Madonna has super-powers. I had no idea. How about bringing them the values of good taste? That would be an accomplishment. Electricity is just some wires strung together.
So, pity me while I ponder the vagaries of using too many plastic bags, excess product packaging and the proliferation of unskilled drivers on our roadways. It pales in comparison to what celebrities are doing while wandering around without adult supervision.


Firestarter5 said...

The celebs are the only ones with enough money to do anything anymore.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is confusing. Where did the money donated come from and where is the rest of the money? Was it Madonna's money or the fans donations? What does Madonna have to do with the electricity? Is she buying it herself? Is she a figurehead or the brains behind this charity? Who are the other people who founded this charity? Did they give up on it? How come we never hear about them? Where are they? I watched the video but didn't learn anything really. Who runs this charity? This just gets more confusing.