Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another fall in Philadelphia.

Sunday was too nice a day to spend inside watching football or doing laundry, so I took out for our beautiful city, camera in tow, to try to find something interesting to liven up the black space - both here and inside. One of the good things about being single is that I can pick up and go someplace. It's really the only good thing, but I digress.
The entire time, that Hall & Oates song "Fall in Philadelphia" was running through my head, although all I could remember was the chorus [I'm gonna spend another fall in Philadelphia] and some odd lyrics here and there. When I got home and looked it up, I was a little (a lot) confused about what the song is about and didn't have the energy to analyze it, so I just posted some photos. As usual, I think you can click on them and view them full-screen, but I've lied about other things, too.
That's obviously Independence Hall, and one of these days I'm going to take the tour like thousands of foreigners who were out today on vacation. It's probably interesting, and since I enjoy history I think I'd enjoy it. It's just making that left turn to the entrance and bypassing the bars and restaurants in Old City that's the problem. I did manage to sit on a nearby bench and enjoy a $2 sandwich with enough bread left over to feed some little sparrows, so it wasn't a total loss. Animals are my friend when I have food. It's the people version of having money.

The same building - different view. As I was taking this shot one of the handsome carriage drivers was arguing with a security official over urinating on the street. I never figured out whether it was the horse or the driver they were talking about, and I didn't stick around long enough to find out.
This odd little juxtaposition occurs near the Convention Center on the way toward Liberty Place (the blue building). The older one is St. Peter's U.M. Church. I like the old/new contrast and it always catches my eye, only this time I was fortunate enough to have the camera around.
This is a statue on Chestnut Street called "The Signer." It attracts a lot of tourists who like to pose in front of it with their hand in the air. That's probably really funny when they get home.

This is the Carpenter House. I covered it from a different angle last year, but this time I liked the trees and the setting.

The streets in Old City are filled with historic homes and little alleys. This is one of them, off of Spruce Street. They always remind me of those scenes in "The Sixth Sense" where Bruce Willis is walking around. I know there's more history than that, but I'm a little strange. And if you asked me about my "dream house," it would be one of these row homes in the city.

This is the inside of the Market Street Terminal where some SEPTA trains arrive. There are people around, but the 8 second exposure bleeds them out. Behind me is a sports bar and to the left is the exit to the Reading Terminal Market where you can buy fresh foods and enjoy a nice lunch. I had a $2 sandwich from a cart on Market Street, so there's no accounting for tastes.

This is the rotunda (I guess that's what it's called) of Liberty Place - the blue building to the left in the photo above. There are shops and a food court. The other building (Liberty Place 2, to the right) is full of condominums, and it's where Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels has a little $30 million place.
Speaking of which, Wednesday is the beginning of the World Series, and as I sit here we still don't know whether it's the Angels or the Evil Empire. Time, as always, will tell. I'd like to have it wrapped up by Hallowe'en, but there's a snowball's chance of that.

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