Thursday, October 22, 2009

Phils Win!

It's after 1:00am and although I got home from the Phillies game about 30 minutes ago, I find it difficult to sleep - even though the alarm will go off at 5:30 this morning. This morning. Geez.
It was a four-hour party at the ballpark last night, and save for a tense moment or two, it was a breeze. The Dodgers were never up to the challenge and even though they got to starter Cole Hamels, the middle of the lineup and the bullpen were too much for the guys from southern California.
It's hard to describe why we get so worked up over the success of our sports teams, but we do. Maybe we think it represents us as a people or maybe we think that the team is a part of our identity? I don't know and don't particularly care, since the emotion is the only thing that matters. I think we just like to be right about something, and we've been right about this baseball team for a while now.
I was there when the ballpark opened in 2004, when they won the division in 2007, for the playoffs the past two years including Sabathia's meltdown last year and game 4 of the World Series and the parade last year; but last night was probably my best night at the ballpark in a long string of great nights at the ballpark. It was made all the more sweet because they beat the Dodgers, a team I hate more than a case of herpes or an itchy rash on my scrotum.
Did I mention that I hate the Dodgers?
It looks like it will be Phillies vs. Yankees (a.k.a. The Evil Empire) in the World Series, but that won't be until Wednesday, so for now I'm going to try to get some sleep.
Phillies in 7.

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susan said...

Glad for you the Phils won, I hate the Dodgers too. They should have stayed in Bklyn, and made my dad happy.....

Still hoping for a Phils/Yankee series. And yes, for cheesesteaks, it's Pat's or Geno's.