Saturday, October 3, 2009

The dumb shit that people say.

University of Southern California running back Stefon Johnson suffered an accident while weight lifting. The bar fell out of his right hand and landed on his throat, severely injuring him.
At 5 feet 11 and 210 pounds, Johnson was able to survive the accident because the muscles around his neck helped him keep open a breathing passage, Hinika said at a news conference Tuesday."Had that been any one of us, meaning me, I would not have survived," Dr. Gudata Hinika, trauma director at California Hospital Medical Center said. "His neck was so solid and so muscular, that actually helped maintain his airway."
In other words, if someone who didn't lift weights dropped a barbell on their neck, he would have died. That makes good nonsense. How about, "Hey, if he wasn't a weight lifter he wouldn't have dropped a barbell on his neck." That works too.

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