Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An imperfect blog post.

There is a story on Yahoo's front page touting an "imperfect" Mariah Carey, who is starring in a film called "Precious" and presumably was told to show up without a shred of makeup.
...when the director's first choice to play a dowdy, no-nonsense social worker - Oscar-winner Helen Mirren backed out, he quickly asked Carey to step in.
Consider this quote from the diva:
"That was such a freeing experience for me," Carey said during a recent interview. "By making me look so bad he brought out the ability to never be self-conscious again, and that was a gift that he gave me."
Look so bad? They ran a photo (right) of the unkempt Carey, and my first thought was that she looks like 75 percent of the women in the world, and if this is her without makeup, I don't understand what is "imperfect" about her. It's a shame that our ideals about what constitutes attractiveness have gotten so far out of whack that a beautiful woman without makeup is considered imperfect and said to look bad.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but there isn't any makeup on her from the neck down, and doesn't that count for something? For my money, she's better looking as the dowdy no-nonsense social worker, because there is a natural look that to me, is more beautiful than some construction job that takes an hour to put on (photo top). I just don't know sometimes.
One thing I do know, is that if you're not watching FlashForward on Thursday night, you're missing one of the potentially great television shows of the decade. It first aired last Thursday, and again on Friday because ABC was smart enough to pick up on the word of mouth that it generated. You might be able to catch up for episode 2, or you might want to check the web site and watch the first episode on your PC. It'll only run about 41 minutes without ads, but I guarantee that by the time you get to the last 30 seconds, you'll want to watch it on Thursday to find out what happens.
The plot line revolves around a worldwide episode where everybody passes out for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds. During that time, they see a glimpse of their future exactly 6 months from the date of the episode. The producers promised us that, in April 2010 we will find out why everybody passed out. Watching the first episode will get you caught up, but even if you didn't see it, check it out on Thursday at 8:00 on ABC.
You can thank me later.


Firestarter5 said...

Holy hell, I wouldn't have guessed that was Mariah in the lower pic. Looking at the initial pic one can only conclude that Photoshop is an amazing program.

I haven't seen Flashforward, I'm usually listening to one of my SW radios at night, but I believe Charlie, who used to be on LOST, is in that show. He was a Hobbitt/Hobitt in Lord of The Rings or something.

Anthony said...

I thought about playing a guessing game with the photo, but figured the obvious would be more interesting.

I think there are more than one "Lost" cast members in "FlashForward." Either way, I think you'll love the show.