Friday, October 9, 2009

Crazy-ass Duggars.

Even though I have no idea who these people are, they apparently have some sort of TV show.
I'm guessing that by now, if you do not have a TV show you are in the minority. Anyway, there's some cockamamie show called "18 Kids and Counting" which in itself is a title that encourages more offspring. It's on The Learning Channel. Somebody needs to tell me what they're "learning" over there, besides clamping your uterus shut. OK, so here's the big news:
The brood is about to grow again in 2010, as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are expecting their 19th child in the spring.
I think, after 7 children, you could be said to suffer from some form of mental illness. After 18, you could be classified as legally insane and a danger to those around you. Seriously, there are too many people in this country to begin with, and something like this should be illegal. Unfortunately, our ridiculous notion of freedom includes the freedom to have intercourse at will with little regard for the future of the planet. That might be an overstatement, but consider that there are enough children here for 9 families or two baseball teams. Meanwhile, I can't find a decent parking space.
And I'm certain you can't find a person in their social circle who would volunteer to tell the Duggars what they really thought. Maybe the first five or six times they announced another baby they were congratulated, but the other 13 or 14 times people probably had to bite thier tongues.
As previously reported on, TLC will change the name of the Duggars' reality show to "19 Kids and Counting."
Oh, that's nice. I guess it leaves the door open (so to speak) for her to pop out kid number 20.
Keep counting.


susan said...

Hey Anthony,

I can understand back in another century where people did have more than 10 or more children. No birth control, people lived on farms, and it wasn't a big deal. MOm's also died in childbirth quite frequently, so families were blended and what not.

Never seen this show before- but .... you are right about everyone having a show. Cept me. No desire to either. What cha think about the new Michael Vick reality show?

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Love this...

I'm guessing that by now, if you do not have a TV show you are in the minority.

I agree about the insanity after about 7 kids. These people are taking advantage of their kids. What kind of childhood do they have? The "older kids" (12+) end up being surrogate parents.

And what kind of relationship can they have individually with their parents? There just isn't enough time to devote the necessary parent one-on-one time for all of them.

I'm all for doing what China does. Two kids and you're cut off. You have to get the snip snip job lol.

Firestarter5 said...

As Michael K from Dlisted has said in the past about the Duggar wife, her 'gina is like a clown car at the circus, when you think it's done, more come out.

Anonymous said...

Found this page through google, but I already know I'm gonna be a regular reading your blog.

I spoke out against the Duggars recently, and was bombarded with angry conservatives who said I had no right to "criticize her for her religious beliefs". What is most frustrating to me is, as you said, that she is horribly sick in the head and no one will say anything about it. If someone wants 18 kids, why not adopt? Obviously, she's rich out the ass if she can afford to properly care for 18 children, so I'm fairly sure she could do the world a favor and help a child in need. The world is grossly overpopulated as it is, and it's just plain sad that this ignorant family that only believes in spreading their genes.


Anthony said...

Thanks Mowg. Always glad to have another reader. It makes the writing seem worthwhile.

Feel free to poke around the page. There are about 4 years of posts.