Monday, September 21, 2009


susan said...

Oh Anthony,

I know your pain. i wish it wasn't so acute and you weren't hurting so bad right now. i don't know how to make it feel better.

Just know we understand and ache for you.

junior alien said...

Do you know the saying: 'When one door closes, another one opens'? Such is life I think.
I hope this doesn't come across too esoteric; it's just that I 've had to learn my lessons too.

Maybe it would be a good idea to travel. If you've got the time AND the money AND the desire, do hop across the Atlantic and visit Europe.
It doesn't replace lamenting, I know. But it'll give you a lot of new impressions and enough to think about for the next few months... Should you be interested in Germany, too, you're more than welcome to be our guest!

Anthony said...

susan: Time.

junior: I'm hoping that the other door opens. There's another cat in my future, I suppose. Maybe sooner than later.

I'm left with only 3 vacation days for the remainder of the year. Sounds like an old Bob Newhart joke. When he was in the Army he decided to go to Hawaii on a 3-day pass.

Vielen Dank für die Einladung.